Arrival in Poland

8 kwietnia 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to update you on your arrival in Poland to attend AEOM’2019 and your return home.

The conference starts at the Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park Museum in Chorzów on 26 August at 3.00pm. You can reach the Museum by taking tram No. 19 or 23 at Katowice Railway Station (the ride takes some 15-20 minutes, tickets are available from kiosks and vending machines on board trams) or one of the AEOM’2019 labelled buses, which are scheduled to leave the Silesian Museum’s area at 2.00pm (the ride takes some 15 minutes).

For the duration of the conference you can leave your car in the Museum’s car park.

You can come to Katowice by plane (you then need to take a bus from the airport to Katowice Railway Station) or by train from Warsaw (several trains a day, the ride takes some two and a half hours, tickets are ordered most preferably online: or

For those who will arrive in Katowice before noon, we have planned a visit to the Silesian Museum between 11.00am and 2.00pm (the arranged guides will be waiting for you on site).

The conference ends with an evening dinner in Gniezno on 29 August. On 30 August in the morning the conference buses will shuttle those interested to the airport in Poznań (estimated arrival time: 10.00am) or Katowice (estimated arrival time: 2.30pm). From Poznań, you can go to Warsaw by train (a dozen or so connections a day, the ride takes some four hours, tickets are ordered most preferably online: or